September 21-22, 2023 | Hyatt Regency, New Brunswick, NJ


Senior Director

Biotherapeutics and Vaccines Outsourcing

BioTherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pfizer, Inc.

Supply Chain for Complex Biologics: Not Mission Impossible

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Principal Consultant, Tunnell Consulting

How to Maximize Contract Relationships

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VP Project Solutions, Black Diamond Networks

Science & Public Health Task Force

Professor of Public Health and Healthcare Economics

Healthcare Futurist

Looking Around Corners: Planning for the Industry’s Next Big Things

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Vice President & Head of Technical Services and New Product Launches (North America)

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Inc.

Innovation & Advanced Manufacturing Techniques for Drug Manufacturing: Prospects & Challenges

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Managing Director, Jefferies LLC

Recovering from Long COVID: The CDMO Landscape as it Returns to “Normal”

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Head of Technical Operations, X-Vax Technology

How to Maximize Contract Relationships

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